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We are a full service staging and design agency in Tri-Cities, Wa.  We serves both commercial and residential clients.  We offer re-design, in-home consultations, assistance with selecting interior/exterior finishes and special event styling. We aim to be an expert at fully understanding your needs, defining your style and celebrating the soul of your home or business. Whether your budget is large or small, with just a few simple tweaks and touches, your space can be refreshed and renewed.




My name is Kamila I am the founder and head designer of "Detailed Design & Staging". I grew up in Europe until the age of 11 (Czech Republic) where the style that I was around most was modern, and very minimalistic. Not having the budget when I was younger, I’d study various magazines and search for pieces that were similar in design but a quarter of the price. I am a firm believer that you do not have to spend a lot for a home to be well put together and look nice it just has to be functional, and have a nice flow through the whole house. Over the years, my passion for design grew into a staging business. Since then I received my staging certification through The Staging Studio and am a member of RESA. Every year I attend various training courses where I study techniques, new trends and shop the latest vendors. In this business I believe you can never stop growing and evolving your creativity.

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"Home staging is no longer optional in this real estate market, it's a must."


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