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We have the know-how to inspire you.

Accessories are an integral part of a home’s overall aesthetic. The simplest of changes can have a dramatic impact. Whether you are looking for a simple refresh, or a complete overhaul we're here to help you improve upon your existing space.

Paint Can and Brush

Choosing Pantones


We'll help you choose from thousands of different colors and tones that flow with your overall design and esthetic.



What to set and how to set it.

We'll help you determine what the best flooring is in each area that fits you'r budget and design. 

Floor Tiles


Setting the ambiance 


From style to spectrum, we'll show you what fixtures will make the biggest impact in your space.

Interior of Cafe

Tying it all together

Based on your style and goals we will help you select the perfect finishes that will add value and overall aesthetic to your new home.


Modern Bathroom
Side Sofa

The comfort of your home


With us you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort. It's important to us that your new furnishings not only look great but are functional and most importantly comfortable. 


Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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