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Vacant homes are difficult for buyers to visualize as their future home and how their lifestyle will fit. Vacant rooms appear smaller and fail to show the potential of flow, purpose, and scale. Staging is intended to accentuate the positives of the home while downplaying potential negatives. Detailed Design & Staging will enhance the empty space with furniture and accessories that will best highlight the home.





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  • Each project begins with a consultation in your home. From there, we will create a plan and I will submit a proposal to you on the same day.

  • Our team will select the best furniture and décor from our own inventory to stage your home to get it sold!

  • The staging process can take from one day to a two day period, depending on the amount of rooms we are staging and the square footage of your home.

  • Once your home is sold, we will schedule a date to get the furniture and leave behind a clean and ready to live in home.


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